Team building to achieve higher productivity

Team building is a much talked about subject in the corporate and business sectors. The main aim of team building is to encourage employee participation through inter-personnel relationships. Effective team building activities help in creating mutual trust and confidence among the members of the team.

Team building is a very crucial step for the managers. By building a team which is proactive, the managers will be able to create an atmosphere of understanding and cooperation among the staff. This is a step in the right direction to achieve the desired results.

Enhance productivity:

Team building elevates the morale of the employee. He or she is recognized as one of the ‘valuable employees’ of the organization. In other words, team building aims to motivate the employees. Further, the inter-personnel participation creates a kind of synergy among the members of the team.  This enables the members of the team to contribute to enhance productivity.

The mechanism of the team:

The importance of team building should be understood with reference to the organization that is arranging such activities. The structured team building activities are tailored as per the needs of the organization. The members of the team who are from different economic and social backgrounds are teamed up to achieve a common cause. In short, diversity is the raw material, and the mutual trust, communication and cooperation are the keys to pulling the hidden potential or the individual brilliance in each of the members of the team.

Efficient teams have enabled the corporate business houses to achieve the desired goals. This is closely examined here:

·        Normally, every team is tasked with achieving a common goal. Further, the team building activities aim to compensate for the weaknesses of individual members of the team. To achieve this, members of the team are trained in the art of effective communication.

·        The effectiveness of the team depends on the person moderating the activities of the team. There can be instances of ineffective communication leading to conflicts among the members of the team. Such a situation will be counter-productive. Such a situation can be effectively prevented by adopting problem-solving techniques.  Therefore, the moderator of the team should be proactive and should have problem solving capabilities.

·        The moderator of the teams should ensure there is no overlapping of the authority within the members of the team.  In order to avert such a situation, the moderator should ensure the flow of communication is clear and crisp.

·        At the stage of decision making, you should follow the principle of collective responsibility. The views of every member of the team should receive due consideration. Do not force the opinion on the team. While doing so, if you notice any blocked levels of communication, you should immediately resort to one-to-one communication technique.

Short tours:

The purpose of team building can be effectively achieved by organizing short tours. Use this opportunity to get the feedback from the members of the team. Arrange group discussions at regular intervals. All these will bring the members of the team closer, and they will be able to understand each other much better. Ultimately, it is the organization that is benefited by the efficient performance of the team.

How to be Successful at Online Poker Games

Are you looking for some well paying pokies online Australia offers? In spite of the strict rules on the online poker games which don’t favour the Australian poker companies, there are lots of ways in which you can still play, enjoy and make lots of money from poker games.  There are three ways to play poker on some of the leading poker sites in the world: You can play it for leisure, as a training or as an investment.

Do you want to play to win?

Have you crossed the recreational threshold and are now looking for ways to play poker as an investment and make some good money off it?  Here are some tips that you can use to become a successful grinder when it comes to the online poker games:

Pick the right games to play

If poker is no longer a recreational sport but something you want to make serious from that you will probably live off of, then you have to look at the time investment that you are planning to put into the games in the online poker tables.

If you prefer playing in short spurts, then you can choose the Sit & Gos as well as the cash games. The advantage that these events have is that they are highly flexible. You can play these and get out in as little as half an hour.

Another option for pokies online Australia players have are the multi table tournaments or the MTTs. If you can spare some hours off your regular schedule, then this will be a great option. However, if you do not have regular internet access, unreliable power sources such as blackouts and brownouts, various interruptions that will take you off the online poker table, inability to maintain mental focus over very long hours or if you are easily disillusioned after a few unsuccessful runs in the MTTs, then this will not be a great option for you.

Don’t let those VIP Deals Go

A lot of pokies online Australia players have access to generally offer various VIP deals for players. Although rakeback is no longer common in online poker, there are poker websites that still offer deals that are cash equivalent via poker VIP clubs.

When you are taking advantage of these deals, make sure that you read the fine print and know when to take advantage of them. When used smartly, these online poker cashback incentives can be quite lucrative.

Make use of online poker software

A lot of successful pokies online Australia players generally make use of these. If you want to be a successful grinder in the modern age, you simply can’t ignore these software tools. With access to the statistics of your opponents for example, it is possible for you to make lots of money on the online poker tables.

Optimize on Multi-Tabling

As you build your expertise, it will be possible for you to remain profitable while playing at multiple tables simultaneously. It is possible to maximize your win rate on multiple tables.

Keep motivated

However good you are at online poker, there are times when you are going to face a losing streak.  When you are losing, you will have a hard time focusing on the bigger picture. If you know you can win at those tables you compete in, it is possible for you to maintain focus even if you are on a terrible losing streak.

Improve your skill

Keep learning and continue improving in order to perfect your poker playing skill. Pokies online Australia has now will have access to a vast amount of resources that they can refer to in order to refine their poker skills. Improve your game by learning various new techniques that you will use in order to maximize your profits.

Qualities to assess the competency of a potential Corporate Event Consultant

Business people occasionally organize corporate events with certain objectives in mind. Most business proprietors organize such events to have interactive moments with their prospective and regular clients, business partners and employees probably to appreciate them for their continued support to the business. Other business people organize such gatherings to seek for better ways of enhancing the growth of the business and perhaps get views on what their employees and clients feel about the current products and services. However, planning for such corporate events is really a daunting task to most business proprietors. For this reason, they seek planning assistance from experts like the corporate event consultant. A consultant who aims at making the event successful possesses the following qualities:

corporate event consultant

Good communication skills

In as much as the consultant would be coordinating different sections of the event, they also need to make understandable and easy-to-follow instructions. The consultant has the responsibility to ensure every invited guest or individual flows with others instead of having parallel meetings while the main one is progressing. This cannot happen if the experts you hire to coordinate the event cannot quickly and effectively communicate this to the people present.

People skills

Consultants understand that corporate events are all about relating with people. The stressful moments they encounter in the event should not affect how they relate with the invited people. If the consultants you hire do not engage people and show friendlier interaction with them, your entire event may just be boring and unproductive. Even if some people fail to properly follow the instructions they give them, they should handle them with care and correct them gently.


The picture you have in mind about the big event you are planning is different from making it practical. You may find that how the event is running is different from the way you intended it to run especially if you didn’t involve professional consultants in the initial planning stage. Instead of changing everything at the last minute, you should look for consultants who would give alternative working solutions. Where possible, the corporate event consultant should have more than one solution in every event problem that may arise.

Ability to manage time

Consultants should not only plan the event, but also ensure the planned events run within the stipulated time. The consultant manages all other players in the event and ensures that none of the players consumes time meant for something else. The consultants ensure that speakers, caterers, videographers and entertainers among others present their work meticulously without wasting much time.

Sensitivity to details

Every corporate event has a laid structure on how every activity should run. If there is protocol to follow in any area, the consultant should be keen on the sequence of activities. Moreover, the corporate event consultant should pay attention to the lighting, graphics and theme colors of the event. Remember that even the sitting arrangement is of major concern to the business proprietor hosting the event. If something is not done as wished, this may be a big blow to the host and the invited guests as well. For more details visit

Hiring a water taxi will not cost you much

Water taxi has become a popular mode of entertainment, particularly among people going out on a holiday with family. Some people use water taxis even if the two places are connected by roads so as to avoid traffic congestions. Such people say, it saves them considerable amount of their precious time. There are people who hire water taxis for specific purposes such as marriage, wedding party, corporate party, holiday tour, film shooting or service and so on. The water taxis have become popular because these give you a wonderful experience of travel on the high seas and you can enjoy the impeccable beauty of the nature. Now the question that comes in the mind of many people is what is the Sydney water taxi cost?

sydney water taxi cost

Varieties of water taxis:

The cost of water taxi largely depends on various factors like the type of taxi or cruise you have hired. There are ordinary vessels or taxis which have comfortable seating arrangements with all other essential utilities being perfectly maintained. Apart from this, there are luxury taxis and also limousine vessels or cruise. The Sydney water taxi cost depends on the type of taxi you want to hire.

You can save money:

Normally, water taxi agencies offer special tariffs during particular seasons. For example, if you are hiring a taxi during Christmas, the Sydney water taxi cost may include a certain exclusive tariff as against the one hired during an off season. Normally, luxury and limousine vessels will serve you delicious food and naturally for such vessels you may have to pay higher charges. In short, the water taxi agencies will provide you exclusive packages that help you to save considerable amount of money.

The Sydney water taxi cost is dependent on the destination, the number of persons, trip time and various other factors. Other salient features of tariff patterns of water taxi could be summarized as follows:

Booking of cruise:  Before you book the cruise, you must get the quote from the agency.  You will have to provide details of the destination, pick up and drop point, the cruise duration, number of persons and such other details. Once you provide the information, the agency will quote the Sydney water taxi cost. Some of the agencies allow you to bargain on the rate. That would be a wonderful opportunity to save a considerable amount of money. Therefore, before you book the cruise, you must get the quote from at least two or three agencies.

Booking charges: Once you shortlist the agency, you will have to pay certain amount of money as advance or booking charges. The agencies normally demand a certain percentage of overall estimated Sydney water taxi cost towards booking charges. Check out majestic water taxis.

Advance booking a necessity: Tour operators suggest that it is always advisable that you book the water taxi much in advance. This is because some of the water taxi agencies will allow you a reasonable amount of discount on advance booking.

Look for a reputed agency:

Cruising at high sea is a wonderful experience and to make such a tour memorable, you must ensure that you hire the water taxi from a reputed agency. Reputed agencies always value their goodwill and they will provide a comfortable water taxi with the crew who always value customer satisfaction and their safety.  For more details visit

Leadership Coaching and Why You Should Care

Coaching is quite prevalent these days. They are often done in a one-on-one session to provide retrospect on various aspects of life and business, all of which are designed to enhance and improve. However, coaching leaders take it all to a different level. There comes a unique set of challenges when you are coaching leaders. If you are not convinced about the potential benefits of leadership coaching, you are missing out on the ability to become a more effective leader.
The secret to a successful coaching for leaders hinges on techniques that expand the mind and emotions of a leader. The coachee must be open and reflective to the ideas presented during the coaching session in order to adapt new and useful qualities. After all, even the best leaders can learn a thing or two to lead more effectively.
However, convincing leaders to undergo coaching is a bit more challenging. Most would be too proud to assume they need any more help with their leadership skills. But for leaders who continue to strive to be better, they understand the value of leadership coaching.
Strategies for Effective Coaching
A coaching session for leaders is only as good as the quality of the coaching strategy itself. It is important that a leadership coach must personalize the approach of the coaching strategy based on the nature of the company or group that a leader handles. Hence, they cannot simply use the same generic approach with other leaders. An understanding of the leadership goals is another vital factor to an effective coaching session. A successful leader is someone who not only leads his or her crew but also someone who can help achieve goals set by the organization.
The coach will also teach leaders about how to mediate individuals from the top position to the common workforce. An effective leader identifies the importance of every role performed by the members of the organization. Hence, a leader must transcend these power positions and focus on making every individual a productive member of the group.
Role of Coaches
A coach can provide a wide range of services for the leaders engaged in a coaching session. However, they are primarily there to listen. By listening, a leader is able to become more retrospective about the challenges faced by his company or as a leader of the group. But coaches do more than just listen. They also provide guidance and feedback as to what leaders can do in order to stay on track with the objectives set.
Most importantly, coaches want you to succeed. Being a leader is no joke. It entails a lot of challenges and difficulties. Depending on the size of the group you handle, it can be difficult to keep your members organized and keep them on track with their individual responsibilities. But with proper coaching, you will be able to identify the proper methods you can use to become a more compelling force within the organization.
If you are in need of leadership coaching or want to look at other personality development trainings, you can visit There are several behavioral training and coaching services to choose from to develop your skills and become more effective at what you do.

Things to Consider When Planning For a Team Building Program

Do you have new members in your team or do you feel the company’s spirit and morale is a little down? It time you considered planning for team building programs. The program will make the newcomers feel welcome and easily acclimatize to the group. Additionally, team building promotes and strengthens workplace relationships. By the time the program is through, any conflicts within the team are resolved and it’s a fresh start for all.

Even so, team building programs are not always welcomed with excitement by all the members of the group. If you fail to plan and execute the program properly the results can be counterproductive. It can build cynicism, disrupt trust or heighten tension in the workplace. Properly planned team building activities should promote creation of relationships and creative skills. This will help to create a collaborative and productive work environment. To ensure that you have a successful team building program, here are some factors you should take into consideration when planning:

Aim of the program

What are you seeking to achieve out of the program? This question should be the basis for planning. It is important to remember that there are different reasons why people carry out team building programs. Some do it to foster trust, cooperation, commitment and effective communication among team members. Others do it to relieve tension and stress among members. You should define your program needs well in advance as this will make planning a lot easier.

Outdoor or indoor activities

Your decision to hold the program indoors or outdoors is determined by a number of factors. First, look at the participants taking part in the activities and consider what they prefer. For instance, a group comprising of older people would prefer indoor activities. Second, look at the time of the year you are holding the activities. If it is winter time, you certainly need to plan for indoor activities. Third, consider if the program is coupled with other programs. For instance, if the team building activities are scheduled after completion of a conference, outdoor activities will work best.

Time available

This is a factor that is often overlooked when planning for team building activities. It is, however, a critical consideration as it influences the place, type of activities and date to execute the plan. You determine time availability based on the number of hour the staff can be away from work. If there is limited time, consider running a team building program at the office or place of work. This eliminates the need for separate venues and also eliminated travel time.

Program facilitation

You may opt to hire a professional facilitator depending on what you aim to achieve out of the event. A facilitator will discuss your objectives prior to the event and will design a program that suits your needs. If your objective is focused on a specific area such as creativity, leadership or communication, facilitation is a great idea.


How much money do you intend to spend on the program? It is important to consider your budget as this will impact on the activities available to you and the choice of venue. If you are using a facilitator, the first question to ask is their charges. The activities you plan should be within your budget to avoid embarrassments.

How to Plan Your Dream Vintage Wedding

Planning a wedding is one of the most difficult, stressful, but exciting things you could do in your life. The stress comes from mostly having to organise all things needed to make the wedding go smoothly. Hence, finding a vintage style wedding marquee and party hire in Perth can eliminate the stress so you can focus on your big day. Wedding coordination is no doubt becoming a huge business opportunity and the reason is obvious – it makes planning your wedding more efficient and stress-free.

vintage style wedding marquee and party hire in Perth

If you have decided to go with a vintage style wedding, you need to start by planning. There are several ideas to try as a vintage wedding can be a broad concept. You can even infuse a modern touch to your vintage wedding, if you want to go for that route. Here are some tips to consider before you shop around for a Perth vintage style wedding marquee and party hire:

1.    Choose an era. Each era in the past represents a unique style. Hence, it is best to stick to a specific era to give you a more specific idea of the theme and décor conceptualisation. This will also enable you to focus on the details. For instance, if you decide to go for the 1920s, it is characterised by elegant banquets, old Hollywood glamour, and an irreverent spirit. Meanwhile, the 1960s is the era of Audrey Hepburn. You can incorporate stylistic details based on that inspiration. The 1970s, on the other hand, is all about the disco style. Choose a specific era so you can decide what you need from a vintage style wedding marquee and party hire Perth.

2.    Design everything else based on the chosen theme. Once you have chosen an era to use as inspiration for your vintage wedding, pick out details and incorporate it into every aspect of the wedding. From the photography concept, to wedding favors, invitations and décor – make sure there is a symmetry and consistency in the use of the theme.

3.    The bride and groom. If you choose a vintage theme, make sure your bridal gown and groom’s suit are also made from vintage style. To accentuate the bridal style, use a birdcage veil and tiny bouquet for the wedding. The small details matter and you can tap into a vintage style wedding marquee and party hire in Perth to supply what you need.

4.    Vintage photography can complete the essence of your wedding. Aside from being particular about the detail of your high tea style wedding marquee and party hire Perth, you can speak to your photographer about the theme. Sticking to the vintage theme will make for a more memorable wedding.

Are you planning your dream wedding in Perth? Make sure you look at Swan Marquees, which has been servicing weddings and other special occasions in the area for several years. They specialize in vintage style wedding marquee and party hire in Perth. Whatever the celebration is, you can make your vision come true with their amazing décor and planning services. To learn more about the services at Swan Marquees, visit