Bowen Therapy, An Alternative Relief for Body Pain

Body pain can be a nasty business. Luckily, you can now go to a clinic and hire a Bowen therapist Canberra has from the Pillar Practice to relieve you of your physical suffering. Unlike other non-pharmaceutical pain relief measures, Bowen therapy uses gentle pressure to remove pain and discomfort. It is also mostly preferred because it is a non-invasive form of healing.

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Understanding Physical Pain

Bowen therapy is known to target and reduce body pain. You may feel, interpret and react to body pain differently from others. This subjective experience, however, can be simply explained as a sensation felt as a reaction to a stimuli which usually causes a damage or injury to bodily tissues. You may describe it as a throb, an ache or excruciating pain. The damage is often looked as a disturbance or disbalance of the body’s normal functions. A Canberra Bowen therapist of The Pillar Practice explains that the therapy aims to restore the balance and hasten the healing of these damaged tissues and thus, alleviate pain.

Using Gentle Pressure

The goal of Bowen therapy is to restore the balance of energy in the body. This is done by using gentle pressure on certain points in the body. The gentle pressure aligns the muscles and tissues underneath the skin. A Bowen therapist in Canberra from The Pillar Practice applies light pressure during a session for an average of 45 minutes. The light rolling movements of the fingers are barely noticeable. During sessions, clients often report of relaxation. The therapy is noninvasive so it is generally safe for children, pregnant women, elderly, people with injuries and people in sensitive conditions.

Promoting holistic approach of therapy

A Bowen therapist Canberra has would be aware that the therapy developed by gifted healer Tom Bowen is not a replacement to medicine and medical practice. The therapist advises clients to continue following doctor’s orders. Clients are also encouraged to share and consult with the doctor about the therapy. This is because the therapy does not treat one particular disease. Rather, it promotes total and holistic wellness. The improvement of bodily status and function as a whole is influential to the treatment of not just one but more diseases. And more importantly, it enhances the person’s sense of comfort as a whole.

Winning against Pain

The Pillar Practice has the best Bowen therapist in Canberra. Clients of the therapy are often skeptical at first. With regular therapy, these clients report of significant reduction of pain due to migraines, arthritis, back pains, fibromyalgia, fatigue and injuries. The relief from pain made these clients feel good. In effect, they are able to do more things and function more efficiently. Most also claim of reduction of reliance on pain relief pharmaceuticals.

A Bowen therapist Canberra has today from The Pillar Practice is trained with the techniques and principles of the Bowen therapy. These principles include stimulation of the nervous system and energy field to optimize the body to its full capacity. With a healthy lifestyle, the problem of body pain and diseases would be a once-in-a-blue-moon occurrence.

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