Team building to achieve higher productivity

Team building is a much talked about subject in the corporate and business sectors. The main aim of team building is to encourage employee participation through inter-personnel relationships. Effective team building activities help in creating mutual trust and confidence among the members of the team.

Team building is a very crucial step for the managers. By building a team which is proactive, the managers will be able to create an atmosphere of understanding and cooperation among the staff. This is a step in the right direction to achieve the desired results.

Enhance productivity:

Team building elevates the morale of the employee. He or she is recognized as one of the ‘valuable employees’ of the organization. In other words, team building aims to motivate the employees. Further, the inter-personnel participation creates a kind of synergy among the members of the team.  This enables the members of the team to contribute to enhance productivity.

The mechanism of the team:

The importance of team building should be understood with reference to the organization that is arranging such activities. The structured team building activities are tailored as per the needs of the organization. The members of the team who are from different economic and social backgrounds are teamed up to achieve a common cause. In short, diversity is the raw material, and the mutual trust, communication and cooperation are the keys to pulling the hidden potential or the individual brilliance in each of the members of the team.

Efficient teams have enabled the corporate business houses to achieve the desired goals. This is closely examined here:

·        Normally, every team is tasked with achieving a common goal. Further, the team building activities aim to compensate for the weaknesses of individual members of the team. To achieve this, members of the team are trained in the art of effective communication.

·        The effectiveness of the team depends on the person moderating the activities of the team. There can be instances of ineffective communication leading to conflicts among the members of the team. Such a situation will be counter-productive. Such a situation can be effectively prevented by adopting problem-solving techniques.  Therefore, the moderator of the team should be proactive and should have problem solving capabilities.

·        The moderator of the teams should ensure there is no overlapping of the authority within the members of the team.  In order to avert such a situation, the moderator should ensure the flow of communication is clear and crisp.

·        At the stage of decision making, you should follow the principle of collective responsibility. The views of every member of the team should receive due consideration. Do not force the opinion on the team. While doing so, if you notice any blocked levels of communication, you should immediately resort to one-to-one communication technique.

Short tours:

The purpose of team building can be effectively achieved by organizing short tours. Use this opportunity to get the feedback from the members of the team. Arrange group discussions at regular intervals. All these will bring the members of the team closer, and they will be able to understand each other much better. Ultimately, it is the organization that is benefited by the efficient performance of the team.

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